Sunday, April 25, 2010

Back For A Bit

Well, it was a pretty good winter, and I didn't fix much in the garage since it was rather cold, but with an Ariens 32" snowblower, and the Cub 125 with a blade on, I kept everything cleared, including several neighbors.

Now it is time to paint and cleanup the 125. I did get the snowblower fixed with gears from the gearbox I rescued fron the Cub 76. However, I had placed it up on Craigslist, and it sold for almost 4 times what I had in it. (Not including repair time.)

To the right are pics. of the Cub 125 in the middle of sheetmetal teardown. Everything missing is sandblasted, primed and repainted. The frame was degreased, pressure washed, and I will re-spray Cub Cadet yellow of the remaining frame and exterior parts. I haven't decided whether I will pull the engine and paint it too, I may just touch it up since it was rebuilt by the previous owner rather quite well.