Monday, March 30, 2009

Momma and Baby

Amber also got her picture taken with Alex. I really love this picture. Momma is smiling, and Alex is just content to pose for the camera.

Some Lovin for the Boy

I stole this pic from my Wife's blog, , but since it was of me and our new son, I felt it wasn't a theft of a picture, but more of a laugh for more people to share. "Gee, Dad, Your Face is Kinda Scratchy!!"

Mancave had a Visitor

Well Wildman had a visitor of whom tinkered and played with the tractors! Paul from swung by to share some time together, wrenches in hand.

We replaced the battery in the 125 project and did a little plowing as a test. We scraped up a good amount of grown over dirt and sod from the neighboring alley and transplanted it to a low spot around a bush in front of the garage. The tractor is only 12Hp, but it is a beast! It cut thru the dirt like a hot knife thru butter.

We also toyed with an old Montgonery Wards tractor. There isn't much wrong with this one other than just age. We added water to the battery, and it charged right up. A few tweaks, and tightening some bolts, and its up for resale.

Later in the day, we headed over to Paul's and I took my blue hippo out for a spin (Suzuki Intruder) and Paul was on his Triumph. It was an awesome day, 50+ degrees, amazing that just 28 hours later, it was snowing again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beach Outing and Burgers

I'm being lazy and just forwarding to my wife's post for this evenings outing:

It was a nice time out. She certainly took nice pictures.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Here's the project(s) in the Mancave. However there's more. The Cub 125 to the left, an old Montgomery Wards riding lawn mower to the right. A very sad little tow behind lawn trailer in the foreground.
That's Paul's dolly in front of the red one.
Of course, I have a few engines in my stockpile. These are about 80% of my collection.
Kinda sick, isn't it?
It is so sweet having a garage again!!!

Mancave with Room

Look, there's still room for the family car, after the project was tightly packed away in the front of the garage.

New Project (Cub 125)

It was one stop shopping - and I got a lot. Unlike my 169 project in which I got the tractor in Randolph, Ohio, the snowblower in Rochester, NY, and the rototiller near Canton, OH and many smaller parts on EBay, I got everything I needed in one place. The guy was really nice and knowledgeable, and even told me about a tractor club that meets in Ashtabula, Ohio. It turns out, that he downsized his property, and his son only wanted a riding lawn mower, so he put this one up for sale.

Cub Cadet 125's came off the manufacturing line between November 1967 thru August 1969. I will confirm the actual date later with the serial number. The tractor has a 12Hp Kohler horizontal engine, a hydrostatic drive, 44" mowing deck, a trailer, and snowplow. It also came with a 42" rototiller that even included the gearbox pulley drive and mule pulley bracket. The tractor also has headlights (an option at that time) and a cigarette lighter which was rather common at in that era. I also got a small collection of belts and various clutch parts. It only needs a battery, a headlight, a few belts, and a new seat to put back into service, but I'm going to sandblast, paint it up, and tighten up a few loose items as well. Sweet deal.

My Hunnies

I went outside to take a vew pictures of my new project. It is quite the nice day outside.

However, when I came back inside, the wife, the newborn son, and one of the dogs all had fallen asleep, together on the couch.

How cute, and sweet. There will be many more family pictures to come. Married 5+ years, and I have been a father for a whopping 14 days.

Wow! Life is Sweet!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

New Tractor (Cub 125)

Well ya know I like to fix stuff. I like cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Well those take lots of room and money.

A few years back, I fixed a mower that a neighbor threw out. It was junk to him, but in an hour and some tinkering, I was mowing my lawn. I sold it, and so began a new hobby. Actually one that makes money, or at least funds itself.

Some three years later, about 20 push mowers, 15 tractors, and a couple of weedeaters, snowblowers, and other items like that; I now surf craigslist and ebay for the next project.

Tomorrow, I head to Cleveland to buy a 40 some odd year old Cub Cadet 125 that has several accessories: snowplow, 42" mowing deck, rear tiller, and tow behind cart. I am quite hopeful from discussions with the current owner that getting it running will be easy. I'm sure it will need sandblasted and painted, a new battery, drive belts, and basic tune up and grease job.

I like the old ones - they actually can do a lot more than a tractor bought today. Plus, since I found my Cub Cadet 169 hidden behind an old barn in Randolph, Ohio a few years back and spent many hours bringing it up to full strength, and then a paint job. It has been my favorite rebuild to date. The tractor is hydraulic drive, 16hp, came with a 50" deck and 42" plow. I have since purchased a 42" snowblower (which works great), and a 42" rear rototiller and rear drive gearbox. I am looking forward to the new 125 project.

Here's a pic of my 169 just after the new paint. I still hadn't re-installed the headlight panel yet.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Before my wife....

When my father was young, he was a mechanic and later in his life worked on powder metal presses. My mother was a nurse. Well, I became a mechanical engineer, but love to work on engines of all types. However, my dad used to smile at me cuz I would constantly wash my hands because of my mom - I was the cleanest mechanic my father had even seen.

I have been designing mechanical and hydraulic presses for the last 12 years. I love fixing anything mechanical. I have repaired cars, trucks, tractors, motorcycles and even American Flyer trains. I have typically surrounded myself with guys that have the same traits. Working on stuff is what calms me.

Now I am a first time Daddy and other than being nervous and anxious I have never experienced anything that I couldn't fix. Well when the boy screams and screams and there is nothing that I can do to calm him, I feel pretty inept at being a father. My dad was everything to me - teacher, guide, friend, bouncing board. Both my brother and sister are excellent parents with their families. I've got a long way to go.

I learned calculus. I even learned to enjoy it (if that's believeable). Now I have to learn to be a great Dad, if tha's even possible.

In The Beginning....

Although being new at this, I have three very good reasons for beginning a blog:

1. I have an in house pro that can teach me anything I need on a computer (da wife)
2. We have a newborn son that I am overjoyed about and want to be able to share with my family.
3. I like to fix most anything mechanical, and some tend to find my excursions interesting.

If anything, this should highlight the good points (and the embarassing ones) and bring smiles to others out there as well as myself.