Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It has been awhile

It has been quite a long time since I last wrote a piece to the old blog.  Currently I am happily (and wearily) Dad to Alex who is 4 1/2 years old, in second year preschool, and is quite the little man around the house.  Also, Jonny is going to be 3 this coming Janurary.  He is the little mechanic!  Can't pry tools from his little hands, always getting in trouble taking something new apart.

These little guys drive me nuts - but in a good way:  swim lessons, soccer lessons (Alex is awesome!), Tee ball, and just playing around the yard.  Any time I am just tired of life in general, all I gotta say is whatcha doing?  A hug from either of the little guys is soooo regenerative!  They love walking and riding bikes, and the woods nearby is going to be a great summertime playplace once we destroy the mosquito population.

Having upgraded to the vehicle I always wanted, a crew cab diesel pickup, big enough for a family and camper hauler, yet still haul tractors of various varieties especially older Cubs, I have found out the hard way that getting what you want is never what you anticipated.  Diesels are powerful, fun, and can do anything vehicles....yet they are expensive, when they break down, the smallest parts can cost hundreds of dollars, even thousands.  And not to mention, getting a crew cab, 8 foot bed, is not easy to park in the urban mall parking lot.

I still love driving it though!  I smile inside every time I roll on the throttle, or look at that PSU magnet on the tailgate, or just the Ford grille in the driveway.  I especially enjoy the laughter of the guys in their car seats rolling down the road.  Faster Daddy! (sometimes I oblige)  Or just when we head out - the guys always want to ride in Daddy's truck.  Digging thru the back seat for a bungie cord or tie down strap always yields a toy or coloring book or misplaced ballcap or little sweatshirt.

I think that it is the perfect vehicle.  It is my mid-life crisis and Daddy vehicle all rolled up in one.  Not some tuner car, or a Mustang, and not just a truck, but a big truck, big enough to haul the kiddies, Momma, the motorcycle, the camper, and whatnot - all at once.  A vehicle to share, not just use.  I hope one day to instill my love of trucks on my own boys.  A 1960's Scout project should come soon enough.  After all being a Cub Cadet guy makes me an IH guy as well (that's the engine in my Ford).  I think a Scout would be the perfect reliable college vehicle.

Anyway, all is good.  Kids are great.  Projects still get done (but take weeks and months instead of days).  Momma lets me have my toy truck, and that makes me happy, too.  The best part is having the family to share it all with.