Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Project (Cub 125)

It was one stop shopping - and I got a lot. Unlike my 169 project in which I got the tractor in Randolph, Ohio, the snowblower in Rochester, NY, and the rototiller near Canton, OH and many smaller parts on EBay, I got everything I needed in one place. The guy was really nice and knowledgeable, and even told me about a tractor club that meets in Ashtabula, Ohio. It turns out, that he downsized his property, and his son only wanted a riding lawn mower, so he put this one up for sale.

Cub Cadet 125's came off the manufacturing line between November 1967 thru August 1969. I will confirm the actual date later with the serial number. The tractor has a 12Hp Kohler horizontal engine, a hydrostatic drive, 44" mowing deck, a trailer, and snowplow. It also came with a 42" rototiller that even included the gearbox pulley drive and mule pulley bracket. The tractor also has headlights (an option at that time) and a cigarette lighter which was rather common at in that era. I also got a small collection of belts and various clutch parts. It only needs a battery, a headlight, a few belts, and a new seat to put back into service, but I'm going to sandblast, paint it up, and tighten up a few loose items as well. Sweet deal.

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